Objective and Mission of the ADAB Solutions
Where can I find information about the ADAB Solutions project?
What are the dates of Crowdfunding?
Why should I participate in Crowdfunding?
Why ADAB token will grow in price?
Why do we have to believe precisely in your project while scam projects are all around?
When the platform will be fully launched?
How can I purchase ADAB tokens?
Is there a public offer and how can I get acquainted with it?
What is the total emission of tokens?
What is the minimum investment amount?
Is it possible to issue additional ADAB tokens in the future?
Does ADAB token price depend on the BTC/ETH rate?
Does the FICE have protection against DDoS attacks and other threats?
Which company is the auditor of the project?
What is the KYC procedure? Why can't I just register on the website by entering my personal email?
Does FICE have a certificate of Halal?
Who is observing the ADAB Solutions' processes in compliance with the principles and norms of Shariah?
• The ADAB Solutions project main goal is developing the FICE - First Islamic Crypto Exchange
• The purpose of ADAB Solutions project is a creation of a crypto-exchange platform, a stock exchange, and services that comply with the norms of the Shariah and operate on the principles of Islam
• The mission of the ADAB Solutions project is to create conditions and services based on the high moral and cultural values of Islam, and provide access to it to all users of crypto economics.
• Website: www.adabsolutions.com
• Telegram Chat: https://t.me/Adabsolutions
• Telegram Bounty: https://t.me/Adabbounty
• Telegram Channel: https://t.me/adabannouncement
• Twitter: https://twitter.com/AdabSolutions
• LinkedIn: https://www.linkedin.com/company/adabsolutions
• Medium: https://medium.com/adab-solutions
• Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/adabsolutions
• Youtube: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UC7nrJoeQUbC5cxmI1j5Hu8A
Crowdfunding will be held in 3 stages:

• Private Sale: 20.10.2018 - 28.03.2019
• Public-Sale: 16.04.2019 - 25.04.2019
• Crowd-Sale: 02.05.2019 – 25.05.2019

• Crowdfunding: 10.03.2019 - 25.05.2019
ADAB Solutions’ Crowdfunding is a great opportunity to invest in a unique project that has no analogs
in the World. If you will make a purchase now, you will be granted the most favorable conditions.
The ADAB token will be used at each operation on the FICE, and accordingly will have a constant
demand. The constant demand for tokens, as well as reducing the number of tokens will favorably
affect the price increase. In the first year, according to the financial forecast, the expected growth
is 10 times on the ADAB token and in the next 3 years, the growth is expected to be more than
100 times.
ADAB Solutions is a project based on the high moral values of Islam, and all the activities of the
company are governed by the norms of Shariah. Our project is designed to protect our clients as
much as possible from fraudulent projects - this is one of the most important tasks of ADAB
• According to the roadmap, the official launch of the FICE is scheduled for August 2019;
• Beta version of the exchange will be released in August - September 2019;
• Detailed information about all stages of the project development can be viewed in the Road-Map in our website;
• At the moment, MVP is already ready: mvp.adabsolutions.com.
• Firstly, registration is needed. You can register online: ico.adabsolutions.com;
• A prerequisite is a KYC procedure (Know Your Customer);
• Methods of payment — BTC / ETH;
• Method of purchasing tokens via SWIFT transfer to the company's settlement account is available for residents of the UAE, Saudi Arabia, Qatar, Kuwait, Bahrain, Oman.
Yes. The terms of the public offer can be found on the project website:
The ADAB Solutions project will release 350,000,000 ADAB tokens. 245,000,000 tokens will be
placed for sale, including bonuses.
The minimum purchase amount is 100 ADAB or $10.
An additional emission of tokens is not provided. A total of 350,000,000 ADAB tokens will be released. The price of the token throughout all Crowdfunding stages will be $0.1. There will be various bonuses at each stage of the Crowdfunding.
• The price of the ADAB token will depend on the volume of sales and the internal turnover of the exchange;
• BTC/ETH will not affect the value of the ADAB token since the token will be the FICE's unit of account.
• One of the most important tasks of the project is to provide the safest environment for clients' funds;
• FICE organizes regular audit of certificates and safety protocols;
• All sensitive data will be encrypted using the AES-256 encryption protocol;
• The FICE site will use high-reliability SSL certificates (EV SSL).
• Today, the issue of auditing is not being considered due to the fact that the Shariah Advisory and Supervisory Board on Islamic Finance will be formed in our exchange;
• This fact already means that the FICE will work only in accordance with the rules of Islamic Finance and will be regulated by the Shariah Advisory Board.
There’s no escape from KYC in the world of financial and banking operations. In case you didn’t know, KYC means Know Your Customer. It is a mandatory process for identifying and verifying customers the world over.
Originally, KYC laws were introduced in 2001 as part of the Patriot Act, which was passed after 9/11, to provide a wide range of legal means to deter or highlight potential terrorist behavior. Today, every legal and transparent financial product requires KYC verification.
Certificate "Halal" will be received after the official launch of the FICE.
Adviser on the observance of the norms of Shariah is Mufti Faraz Adam. He works on the Analyzing, Reviewing ADAB Solutions Crowdfunding project as well as ADAB tokens from the Shariah-Compliance perspectives, he is developing a framework to ensure that the ADAB Solutions project is a Shariah-Compliant. He wrote a “Shariah-Pronouncement — ADAB token” with Mufti Muhammad Abu Bakar and gave strong points with a prove why ADAB Solutions and ADAB token are Shariah-Compliant.

Mufti Bakar works as an adviser. He was the first to prove that Bitcoin is consistent with the principles of Islamic finance.

Read “Shariah-Pronouncement — ADAB token” here:


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