The First IEO in the World, Which Will Be Held on a Few Exchanges Simultaneously and Upon Completion Will Make a Listing on Them








The first Islamic crypto platform

Adab Solutions makes it possible to perform cryptocurrency transactions in accordance with the principles of Islamic finance on the basis of Shariah norms and we are the first company that solves this problem.

Development of new markets

Adab Solutions - will attract millions of users who have not previously invested in crypto assets and this will benefit the entire crypto-economy that will increase with new participants, who previously just watched its development from the sidelines.

The lowest price for ICO

The initially issued number of tokens is the maximum and the final. Further the number of tokens will decrease, and the price will rise.

High potential of growth of the value of token

The expected growth in the client base and the volume of transactions on FICE is the direct driver of the price of the ADAB token, the only crypto currency, which can be used to pay for commi

Contribution to the development of the Islamic financial system

By purchasing ADAB tokens now and participating in a project designed for a large community, you not only share with us the benefits of entering the new fast-growing market of Islamic crypto-economics, but also contribute to the development of a new areas

Any more information?

We are pleased to announce that private sales were successfully completed on March 8!

Objectives and mission

We solve the problem of aligning crypto assets with the high moral and cultural values of Islam by creating a global cryptocurrency platform for both Muslims and the world at large

Principles and values

For the first time in the cryptocurrency market, ADAB SOLUTIONS will implement the Shariah Advisory Board within its structure creating a reliable platform for launching halal projects

Solving the main problems

Ethical uncertainty of Muslims regarding the admissibility of work on the crypto market leads to distancing, and as a result to non-involvement of the Muslim community in the technologically innovative financial sector, ADAB Solutions will solve this prob

The extremely low involvement of Muslims in the cryptocurrency market

1.8 billion people and their capital are insufficiently involved into crypto-economy and this prevents the further growth of the market

Problems of the crypto market today

The ADAB Solutions project can become both a conduit for Muslim audiences to the crypto market, as well as a site for launching many halal projects

The community no longer trusts the key tools of the crypto market

The cryptocurrency market needs new values and new ethical standards of business management. The principles Shariah can serve as a high benchmark and a guarantee of honesty and security


Cryptocurrencies ICO Projects

The Shariah Advisory Board represented by TOP recognizable scholars in the field of Islamic finance.

Shariah Advisory Board will not approve

Strictly following the Shariah law, Shariah Advisory Board will not approve the projects connected with activities listed below.

Immoral services
Production of alcoholic beverages and tobacco products
Financial pyramids


The potential volume of the market > $ 2,000,000,000,000

For the projects approved by Shariah Advisory Board a single eco-system will be created and projects, before listing on an exchange, will have to go through the following stages:

The First Islamic Crypto Exchange Investing in accordance with the principles of Islamic finance


Deep analysis of the project will give an opportunity to use the tools of Islamic finance for all users, regardless of the race and religion.


The system provides protection for projects from pumps, dumps, margin trading and market manipulation.

ICO Adab Solutions

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What is the purpose of ICO
adab token
structure of financing
structure of tokens distribution
terms and conditions of ICO

Terms and Conditions of ICO

Technical limit for the emission of tokens 350 000 000
Volume of sale of tokens 245 000 000
Soft Cap $2 500 000
Hard Cap $18 700 000
The amount of charges on closed and preliminary sales $5 610 000
Volumes of fees at the crowdsale $13 090 000
Price of the token in USD $0,1
Acceptable form of payment ETH, BTC
Start date of closed pre-sale 15.08.2018
Closing date of close pre-sale 08.03.2019
Start date of public pre-sale 08.04.2019
End date of public pre-sale 20.04.2019
Start date of the crowdsale 01.05.2019
End date of the crowdsale 25.05.2019
Date of issue of the token before 10.06.2019
Starting a smart contract before 10.06.2019
Exchange listing not earlier than 30.06.2019
The minimum volume of redemption of ADAB tokens 1000 ADAB
The maximum volume of redemption of ADAB tokens (excluding bonuses) 1 870 000 ADAB
Dates before 08.04 08.04.2019 - 20.04.2019
Increase in the volume of transmitted tokens Pre-Sale 1,05
01.05.2019 - 25.05.2019



Terms: April, 2018

Beginning of the study of the cryptocurrency market in the Islamic community.


Terms: June, 2018

Formation of goals and objectives to solve the problem of access of Muslim population to the cryptocurrency market.


Terms: September 2018 - December 2018

The development of the philosophy and mechanics of the exchange, based on the principles of the Islamic financial model.


Terms: September 2018 - November 2018

ICO to finance and promote the Islamic cryptocurrency exchange.

$ 2 500 000

Terms: October 2018 - December 2018

Development of the program mechanism of the First Islamic Crypto Exchange.


Terms: April 2019 – June 2019

Registration of the First Islamic Crypto Exchange. Start of work on AdabCrypto (News Portal & Forum) and Adab Charity.


Terms: February 2019 – March 2019

Alfa release of the First Islamic Crypto Exchange, functionality and security check.


Terms: 2019

Launch a large-scale marketing campaign, in order to attract new users on a large scale.


Terms: June, 2019

Beta release of the Islamic Exchange First Islamic Crypto Exchange with the support of cross-platform trading clients.


Terms: July, 2019

Official launch of the First Islamic Crypto Exchange.


Terms: June 2019 – December 2019

Expansion of the functional content of the First Islamic Crypto Exchange.


Terms: January 2020

Run Adab Charity.


Terms: December 2019 - July 2020

Formation, on the bases of ADAB Solutions platform and First Islamic Crypto Exchange, of a reliable and developed infrastructure based on the principles of Islamic finance.

Mr. Muhammad Abu Bakar
Advisor on Islamic Finance

Mr. Muhammad Abu Bakar is graduated as Shariah Scholar and Mufti from the world renowned and reputable Islamic University “Jamia Darul Uloom Karachi”, Pakistan. He initially completed 8 – year Alamiyya degree (Equivalent to Master in Islamic studies and Shariah) from Jamia Darul Uloom Karachi where he studied from Respected Mufti Muhammad Rafi Usmani (The current grand Mufti of Pakistan) & Sheikh Mufti Muhammad Taqi Usmani (Chairman of AAOIFI Shariah Board) among other great luminaries in Islamic Theology and Jurisprudence. Further, he has completed 3 - year specialization in Islamic jurisprudence and Fiqh al-muamalat from the same institution for which he wrote his thesis on the topic of “Maqasid al-Shariah & their role in Ijtihad”. He researched and wrote more than 400 Fatawa (Shariah Rulings) majoring in Fiqh al-muamalat & Islamic finance approved by the renowned Muftis at Darul-Ifta, Jamia Darul Uloom Karachi. In addition to that, he has earned various qualifications and certificates in Islamic Finance, Halal and Fintech industry. Recently, he successfully completed Master of Science in Islamic Finance from INCEIF (The Global University of Islamic Finance) Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia. He is associated with various institutions and actively serves Islamic finance, Halal and Fintech industry as Shariah Advisor & Consultant. His areas of research and interest including but not limited to Shariah, Islamic Jurisprudence, Fiqh al-muamalat, Islamic Commercial Law, Halal Certification and Compliance, Applications of Fintech, Blockchain and Cryptocurrencies. He is also an associate member of “Association of Shariah Advisors in Islamic Finance – Malaysia”.

Majed Ibrahim Ali Naqi
Advisor on Strategic Development

Cryptocurrency enthusiast. Vice President for Commercial Affairs of International Investment Fund “SHEIKH AHMED BEN OBAID AL MAKTOUM” Dubai UAE.

Rashed J. Sawaqed
Business development advisor

Business Development Consultant with 10 years of business development experience with an extensive background in planning and managing cross-functional business operations and technology projects. Possess strong communication and public relation skills, hardworking & dedicated, can achieve deadlines. I am an analytical and a conceptual thinker who effectively partners with senior managers to assess opportunities, facilitate strategic decisions, and drives successful implementations for private and government sectors. I managed a broad array of projects in professional services, projects include; SME Feasibility Studies and Business plans, Market studies, Operational audits, Business restructuring and systems integration, Organizational planning and Quality Management systems, Promoting and representing, Business matchmaking planning. Industry Expertise: Accounting & Financial Services, Management consulting, Business setup, F&B Services, Retail & Consumer products, Manufacturing, Hospitality, ICT, International Trade, Education, e-commerce.


Timur Turzhan

CEO, Founder

Sulaiman Al-Fahim

CSO, Co-Founder

Rustam Turzhan

COO, Co-Founder

Shaikha Fatima Al Qassimi Ras Al Khaimah


Maxat Salpyn

Deputy CEO of Islamic Finance

Mufti Faraz Adam

Internal Shariah Compliance Officer

Aleksander Mamasidikov

Director of Marketing

Dmitriy Rovenskikh

Director of project promotion

Juri Kopytko

Team Lead and Senior SE. Main blockchain developer

Pavel Krayev

Head of development Department

Khalil Ben sassi

Graphic designer

Abeer Mousa

Community development manager







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